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Back Again…

It’s been a busy year. The beginning of 2018 brought the final planning stages of my daughter’s June wedding. I wasn’t thinking about new recipes during that time, and I let my posts fall by the wayside. It was a beautiful wedding, and all the planning paid off. It was perfect.

The rest of the summer turned into a few months of my making really basic menus, not worthy of sharing (think barbequed everything and a salad). But now I’m back trying new things. And, because of unusually cold temperatures and really early snow in Michigan, I will soon be sharing some great soup recipes and a few healthier desserts. And as the holidays are upon us, I will be on the lookout for some new ideas for easy entertaining.

But for now…if you or someone you know struggles with digestive disorders, I recently became aware of a wonderful new blog that I’m sure will be a valuable resource. Whether you deal with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, IBS…whatever the problem, you will find great recipes written by two women who have had digestive issues themselves. It’s called The Restorative Kitchen and you will find this blog at http://therestorativekitchen.com. Take a look. Even if you don’t have digestive problems, the recipes look great. I can’t wait to try them. 

I’ll post those soups soon.


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