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Let Me Introduce Myself

This post was going to be about kitchen tools, but a friend reminded me that I never actually introduced myself when I started this blog. So I will take a moment now to say hello and tell you about myself. We will talk about kitchen tools in a day or so.

Hi! My name is Kathy…Kathleen to some…and when I was in my 20’s, some of my friends called me Dugan, which was the inspiration for the name of this blog. I have been a marketing professional for more years than I think I will admit…let’s just say over 25. I am now semi-retired and have regained my interest in cooking.

Miami - Bayside: Michy's - Baked Alaska

Miami – Bayside: Michy’s – Baked Alaska (Photo credit: wallyg)

I learned how to cook in 7th and 8th grade home economics class (which proves that I’ve been around a while…I don’t think they’ve called that class home economics for a long time!).  The class focused on cooking half the year and covered sewing the other half. The most memorable dish I made in class was Baked Alaska. To this day I  wonder why our teacher chose that recipe…maybe because she thought we would find baking ice cream to be “cool.” But I can tell you that was the one and only time I ever had that dessert or heard of anyone else serving it either.

My mother was a good cook, but it was hard to learn from her because she never measured anything. She called many of her dishes depression food as they were meals my Grandmother made, during that era, for her family of 7 children. The meals were made out of whatever they had on hand.  My grandfather worked a lot of different jobs so he could feed his large family.  One of them was working with a farmer, which meant they had access to a lot of vegetables and my grandmother would do a lot of canning to help get them through the winter.  So I was brought up on many one-dish meals and a rule that we always had a meat, potato or rice, and a vegetable either separate or all in one pot.  We also usually had a dessert, which accounts for my insistent sweet tooth.

At our house the most exotic or ethnic food we ever had was pizza or spaghetti. As I grew up I tried many different types of food, but after a long tiring day I always seemed to crave one of Mom’s recipes.  Some things just stay with you!

Next time I will talk about kitchen tools and then I will start sharing recipes.


One comment on “Let Me Introduce Myself

  1. Gavin Haque
    May 15, 2013

    Love it.


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