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I’m Back!!!

Sometimes the best ideas come at the wrong time.  I started this Blog last spring and then accepted a free lance job that took a lot of time…more than expected…so my cooking and the Blog had to be put on the back burner.  Now, we are almost done with the project and I have a bit more time.  Plus, the unending snow and below freezing temperatures we have had here in Michigan make hot, home cooked meals even more enticing. 

Before I share recipes, I will be writing one more informational post to help would-be cooks to get started.  I believe in making cooking as easy as possible, and there are a few kitchen tools I could not live without.  Some will seem ordinary, and likely you already have them, others may be things you don’t have and didn’t think you needed…but I promise, you do!

So watch for my next post…then we will get started!




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